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Smart Rods with Pre-installed Titanium Spring Bobber.
 20.00$ USD 
( +7.00$ usd regular shipping) 
Smart Rods without Spring Bobber.
15.00$ USD
( +7.00$ usd regular shipping)

Spare spool

4.00$ USD/ each

Let's go ice fishing.

If you like ice fishing, you've got to try this unique palm rod.

Smart rods are simple and lightweight its gives awesome action to your lure and bait. The titanium spring bobber act like a switch. You can perform genius move to trigger fish to bite.

These are made locally fishing guide and made to get the toughest fish to bite.

It's all about getting the right action and be able to see the bite.

Definitely worth the money.

Very effective tool to find fish.

I usually carry more than one with different rigs and weight.

The spool reduce the line coiling with matching the **Free Fall**unique features,

you can reach fish deep faster than any other palm rod on the market.

Made to last, solid construction.

The Magic Bugs is all about the action.

The super soft and amazingly super elastic plastic give this lure a crazy action.

 Tungsten jig head
1/20 oz  Tungsten jig head, #8 Super sharp sickle hook
Ultra soft, Super stretch plastic tail 

Gold / Root Beer
Orange / Motor oil
Green Pumpkin 
Bubble Gum 

Queues Magic Bugs / Magic Bugs Tails